Tuesday, July 9, 2013

01 What sort of 'stuff' do I do

So, although I've already done a post today, this one is specifically tailored to today, as the following days blog posts will be. So this post is about what I do, or will be doing, to help the multi - camera array project.

My "area of expertise" is programming and computer science. So me and another one of the interns (Elizabeth) are working to help optimize the current code, and potentially re-write the current processing in another, faster programming language. So far today specifically I've looked into code regarding QTcp servers on Raspberry Pi's to improve the performance of synchronized image fetching from the array, and talked to a grad student TA, who has been involved in the existent code, to get a better understanding of the existant processing code.

This project seems like it will be a decent challenge and may require I learn a good deal of programming revolving around image processing libraries and UI and server libraries (OpenCV and QT). Although a challenge I hope to accomplish the task of speeding up the processing fps (frames per second) to around 30. It will make for a very busy and challenging summer.

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