Tuesday, July 9, 2013

00 The very second day!

So, as interns here at RIT we are required to keep blogs. Thats pretty neat, no real complaints. And as today was the first second day, this is my first blog post.

I work in the Multi - Camera Array lab with two other interns, and two undergrad CIS students. The multi - camera array is, simply put, a bunch of cameras, in our case 6, put in a (or in some cases several) row. When the images produced by the array are processed and stitched together , as a result of an effect deemed synthetic aperture, the resulting image can show objects in focus despite occlusions in the way of what would have been a single camera.

This technology has potential applications in security and numerous other fields (in other words I'm sure someone will think of other applications, who knows maybe I will). Its a pretty cool phenomenon regardless of its application.

So thats the project, and the gist of the lab.

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